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Intelligent Installations are an Authorised Control4 Dealer. Control4 is a leading manufacturer of smart building solutions enabling complex Lighting, Audio Visual, CCTV, Security and Climate control  to be married with simple and intuitive touch screen interfaces. 

Control4 allows Intelligent Installations to develop Efficient Energy Systems, state of the art Audio-Visual solutions and comprehensive Security Networks that blend seamlessly into the property and operate as a single entity.

Control4 is popular with clients due to the ease with which it allows users to control their building as one system and from one app.

Control4 allows us and our clients to experiment with lighting scenes that are both functional and contemporary, creating dramatic backdrops or a perfect relaxing ambience.

Control4 Solutions

Smart Home Automation

With one touch of a keypad, dedicated touch screen or app, Set Mood Lighting, Play Music, Set The Temperature, Lock The Doors and Arm The Security System. Remote access from anywhere in the world allows you to check in and control your home from your smartphone. Press a “Goodnight” button that will put your house to sleep, turning off all lights and locking all doors. With Control4, your options are virtually limitless.

Smart Home Audio

Fill the entire house with music or stream it to just one room. Control4’s multi-zone home audio solutions lets you play your favourite music anywhere in your house.


Smart lighting adds ease of use, convenience, elegance, ambience and energy efficiency to your property. Simulate occupancy while you are away. Automate your lighting to respond to your schedule and your weekly routines with ease.

Home Cinema Solutions

Your Home Cinema or Media Room made simple! Imagine one remote to control everything for your home entertainment, even your lights! Whether you have the latest audio/video technology or just a UHD TV mounted in your living room, Control4 solutions will simplify and enhance your home entertainment experience. See some examples in our recent Case Studies.

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